Fancy Shakespeare as your lunch buddy?

So, lunch breaks coming up and you’re going to get together with your regular set of buddies and bash your bosses. Again. Some people, especially bosses, seem gifted with an endless pool of bad qualities, don’t they? However, as exciting as that may sound, why don’t you take a break and watch a play instead for lunch. If that sounded ridiculous, check out the “lunchbox” offer by the Bridewell Theatre.

What’s Lunchbox? It’s a great opportunity for you to leave your desk and enjoy a bite of culture with your lunch. You can bring your own lunchbox or you can buy sandwiches, snacks, coffee or beer from our Café Bar. Performances start at 1pm prompt and are about 45 minutes long. We have everything from classics to brand new pieces by up and coming writers.

Now THAT is an ingenious idea. And the best part is “you can bring your own lunchbox” – without being conned into buying overpriced stale theatre sandwiches! Love it!

Last Wednesday I watched Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” for a mere £5. It was short and sweet, lasting around 45 minutes as promised and the actors were great too. Brenden Lovett who played Malvolio, Olivia’s steward is most amusing!

Lunchbox Theatre is an ingeniously convenient way to add some culture to the otherwise perfect <joke> corporate life that we lead.

  • You can check out what’s on at the Bridewell Lunchbox Theatre here.
  • The play was performed by C Company that can be found here.

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