About me

Preeti (Edul || Todkar)


Nothing to say, expect that I love Frasier.. oh please give me a 12th season…


29 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi there..

    Came to your blog from stackoverflow.com, with a query in passing info from winform to winform…

    Nicely arranged blog..

    keep it up..


  2. Hi Anirudha! Thanks for checking my blog. I used to work for a company that had a slogan “…we call ourselves world citizens”, it used to make me laugh then, but I have stuck with it ;-)

  3. Hi,
    Reached here via stack overflow,you have a very pleasant and in depth blog. I have not seen such an individual blog by other Indian professionals.

  4. Hey nice blog..u r really good in writing..am Priyanka working with GAP here.. nice to meet u thru ur blog. Keep it up.

  5. I kept on checking ur blog-posts……….but you ain’t writing anymore…:(
    waiting for your next baked……… sumptuous n exciting article !! :)

    BTW, Happy new year Sweety ! ;)

  6. Hey Achala, A very happy new year to you too :) Well, its not exactly new .. but hey .. there is plenty more to go !

    True, I have not been writing lately :-/ Which is a shame, but sometimes there is just nothing to say :) Winter is just about over, that should cheer me up and get me going :) Had the perfect evening weather here is New York today. Wish every day could be like today !

  7. “I’ve tried my best to put in words what my skin has experienced and what my mind shall one day forget” – brings back a zillion memories … Preeti Edul you need to write more often, now even the summer is coming to a close…

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