Push and Pull

Car Doodle
A poem I wrote a long long time ago. Those were the days! (or not ;-))

Your head was red – you yelled at me
You squealed and shouted breathlessly
The anger soars – the vocals pitched
You said my brain was in a ditch

I listened to you furiously
I’d kick you if your ass I see
Such foolishness I saw in you
I thought I’d never speak to you

I raged – you raged a little more
I’d never seen you scream before
Your love for me could never be
My love for you died instantly

The fire in your voice was strong
My heart melted and sang a song
How could those lips so soft and kind
Speak words so harsh turn deaf man blind

I kissed those lips, I hugged that heart
In love I fall – a brand new start
To push to pull to love and hate
With you I’d like to tie my fate!

* * *


14 thoughts on “Push and Pull

  1. Very well envisioned and put into poetic words.
    I assume, though, that if the person alluded to here is _real_, lucky is that man. I envy both the parties ;-)

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