Bottom of the stack

Seeking Clarity.

Date Technology Blog Post What’s it about ?
Dec 13, 2011 Android Creating a “Hello, World !” Kindle Fire app using App Inventor – it’s easy, it’s free ! A simple ‘Hello, World’ application for Kindle Fire using App Inventor
Jun 9, 2011 Google Google Chromebook – better or worse than a laptop ? My impression of the Google Chromebook
May 17, 2011 ASP.NET, C# Solving KenKen – ASP.NET hobby project ASP.NET Web Application that solves KenKen in a human (non-backtracking) way. Deployed here on AppHarbor.
Sept 20, 2010 Microsoft .NET .NET Vs Java – The F5 puppets A silly and pointless comparison between .NET and Java based on personal experience
Aug 19, 2010 Google Chrome Extensions and Privacy – I’m Scared ! Privacy invasion by Chrome Extensions
Jul 28, 2010 MS Windows Windows 7 and DNS Server woes Resolving DNS Server issues on Windows 7 after switching networks
Jul 14, 2010 MS WebMatrix Microsoft WebMatrix – a tool for the lazy? Why I am not impressed by MS WebMartix
Jul 2, 2010 Version Control Version Control: Do you need both TortoiseSVN and Subversion? Describes when you need only TortoiseSVN or Subversion and when you need both
Jun 25, 2010 ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET MVC – The ‘Hello, World!’ Mind Map Continuing to learn and document ASP.NET MVC using Mind Maps
Jun 24, 2010 iPhone My iPod crashed after iOS 4 iPhone update ! Fixing the iPod crash after installing iOS 4 version update for iPhone
Jun 23, 2010 ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET MVC – Mind Map to the rescue! Testing out Mind Maps to learn ASP.NET MVC
May 8, 2010 WWW Hyperlinks stole my time! Losing track of time on the World Wide Web
May 2, 2010 Microsoft .NET To be, or not to be … Microsoft Certified ! Microsoft certificates have not been updated for version 3.5
Feb 10, 2010 Google Google Buzz – buzzing past the Wave Initial experience with Google Buzz
Jan 25, 2010 MS Windows Microsoft Windows Live Update – Install or Die Annoying mandatory update feature of Microsoft Windows Live
Jan 19, 2010 Algorithms Algorithm Analysis & Performance – 2 Whats a Why and a cheeky How Understanding the Big O notation
Nov 20, 2009 iPhone Paint While You Wait ! My attempt at the iPhone “Brushes” application

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