Loving too much? Don’t!

women who love too much

Baby, Baby please don’t go
I think I’m getting high on feeling low…

A chapter from Women who love to much starts out with a song. Robin Norwood, the author, is trying to drive sense into women who – you guessed it – “love too much”! That’s right, too much of anything is not a good thing, and love isn’t spared either!

I share a love-hate relationship with self-help books. I LOVE buying them, but I HATE reading them! I rarely get past the second chapter, and by then I’m outraged by the absolute obviousness of the ideas and the lack of practical techniques that actually work. Soon the book is nothing more than the Asian Sky Shop exercise belts that give you a six pack while you relax! Who would buy them, you ask?

But this book I like, probably because its not pretentious and has so far not suggested any ridiculous 10 point technique. I haven’t completed it yet, but I came across a para on portrayal of love by society which I couldn’t resist sharing!

The author explains how art and literature have always dramatized and glorified the lover who suffers and bleeds in love. From the classics to the soap operas of our times, if someone is not suffering for love, its not love. It is just “boring”. If you meet someone and sparks don’t fly and your neighbors don’t burn, its not love. It is just “boring”.

I really really liked how she sums it all up – “..the quality of emotional interplay in healthy relationships is often more subtle than the blatant drama of unhealthy relationships …”

If you too (like me, I admit) believe love without great excitement or passion is not love, you might want to read this book. May be all those boring couples aren’t so boring after all ;-)

Keep loving :)


10 thoughts on “Loving too much? Don’t!

  1. I like the picture. :) fits the theme perfectly. I also like the love hate relationship part. You and in turn the author makes very good point. Great relationships don’t warrant suffering or sorrow. They can be simple loving and harmonius.

  2. PICTURE !………………………………….

  3. Hey, this is great! I’m right there with you about not wanting to read self-help books, even if some of them look like they really could help. I’ll check this one out! Thanks!

  4. @healingminstrel, good luck with the book ! I like the quote on your blog.. esp the Helen Keller one :) It is so hard to convince some people, that that is actually what you are looking for..

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