Desire is the root of all (shock) happiness !

When we read Buddha’s quote, “desire is the root of all suffering” we nod in agreement. It all comes back to us in a flash. Fancy college degrees, our first lost love, that perfect figure, the perfect salary *sigh*. All desires that surfaced, burned and eventually dwindled leaving us with a scar in our heart and a much deeper understanding of Buddha’s quote.

I do not disagree with Buddha. In fact I agree with him completely, except that he forgot to mention the other half !

Desire is the root of all happiness !

Can this be true ? Decide for yourself. Which of these scenarios make you sing a song and believe you are the happiest person alive?

Case [A] – You have been longing for something for months, even years and you finally get it.

Case [B] – You unexpectedly receive something pleasant*.

(*Note: Of course this pleasant item cannot be a desire because then it would simply be case [A] where you got what you wanted sooner rather than later. To put it explicitly, case [B] is when you get something which the world would consider desirable/nice/beautiful/expensive but its not something you personally crave for – it is a nice thing to have but you really would not be affected if you lived your life with or without it)

The difference in Case [A] and Case [B] is only “desire”, and if you too like me picked [A], then, “desire is the root of all happiness” in your life too :)

Just a midnight thought !

P.S. I desire sleep ;-)


How has war affected your life?

WAR – is it good / bad / needed / not needed? I don’t know.

But one thing I do know is that if my country is at war, it is for ME. It is for the safety and freedom of me and my countrymen that we are at war.

Now, the least I can do when my country goes to war is be INTERESTED! Yes. I should know what the war is about, why we need to be at war and why peace negotiations failed. After all, millions of people from my and other countries will die, and one must not forget – it is all for ME.

If the war does bring about the change we wanted, I should be thankful and raise a toast. Cheers!

But what if it doesn’t? This is where things start going wrong.

If the war fails to do what it was meant to do, I am not directly affected. This does not make any sense. So the government officials spent hours at working out the details for me, millions of soldiers from my country died, millions of soldiers from other countries died and my life continues almost unaffected? Again, this does not make any sense.

What if there was a law that forced citizens of “countries at war” to give away 50% of their salaries to the families of soldiers (for as long as the war lasted)? Would I still be unaffected? Would I still be OK with my vacation money taken away? We do pay taxes, but they just don’t cut it. I speak of an action that has a direct consequence – War is on – action starts, war stops – action stops. It is immediate and it is direct.

Everyone should be affected when a country is at war, not necessarily in the same way, but definitely is some way. Not only is this fair to the millions of people who lose their lives, but it also demands more from a government that makes the decision. Because, if and when that decision goes wrong, they will have not a handful but the entire nation questioning them.

Giving Up!

I’ve tried for a long time to fix that cracked window pane. I’ve failed. I blog to remind me to move on, before I pick my tools and try to fix it again.

For all of you out there.. sometimes the best thing one can do is “give up” OR “move on” (if you’re one of those always optimistic types !)
Move On

(Piece of advice: Never trust a woman who blogs at midnight ;-)


Don’t we all hate that cracked window pane? You see just enough to spark your imagination, but you’re never quite sure if it’s an apple or Ronald McDonald’s nose.

You could of course get rid of the pane by opening the window. But that would let the bees in. You wouldn’t want that, would you?


I’m jobless, you know!
I should find one, I know!
I would, if I could, but I won’t, coz I don’t
Want to make, any effort, today!

I’m lumpy, you know!
I should work out, I know!
Take a run, lift a ton, lose some weight, but now wait
Does that really have to happen, today?

I’m hopeless, you know!
I do nothing, I know!
Sit and pout, sometimes shout, crib and wonder, and then ponder
If that’s made me, what I am – today!

A Fake Smile

Do you ever wonder
Why people talk to you
Do you ever wonder
When a fake smile passes through

You do not like their attitude
They do not like your face
And yet to pick the phone and ask
‘How was your day today?’

Right things for wrong reasons
Is how we live our lives
Wrong things for right reasons
Can’t possibly survive

I cannot fake another smile
I cannot live a lie
They say you’d be a lonely soul
Alone is how you’d die

I ask you if I’m lonely
And need someone’s care and love
Will a fake smile buy me comfort
Is my heart so easily swayed

I cannot tell the future
And I’m not worldly wise
But a present full of fake smiles
Is not for me tonight