A little less lazy

Two things, laziness and the fear of making the wrong decision, have left me with nothing to show for all my brilliant ideas and capabilities. If you think this is about unrealistic goals a woman (like me) might set, e.g. losing 10 pounds by going on a raw vegan juice diet or having the shoe closet perennially organized, then you are mistaken. I won’t deny it, I did at one point think I was super woman, but with old age came the realization that being ordinary, odd and ignorant can be really fun. I no longer pretend I know who Steven Spielberg is.

So if everything on my list is something I love doing, what’s stopping me? Yesterday, was significant because I got to cross out an item on my list :)

To-do item: Visit Coit Tower

Reason for procrastination: Must learn photography to be able to take good pictures.

Outcome: Beautiful walk to the tower ending in a well deserved fried chicken sandwich @ The Naked Lunch. Overexposed and blurry pictures pictures taken in Manual mode and some decent pictures taken in Auto mode.


Next to-do item: Complete Machine Learning assignments on coursera. Fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “A little less lazy

  1. Saw such lovely pictures after a long time. Captures the freshness and brilliance of the day so very well. You sure deserve many more fried chicken sandwiches :) :)

  2. Wow what a time nice I had ! such lovely pictures :) You know I think manual pictures have some special charm. Of course automatic ones are also are good. And this place also looks interesting. I don’t have so much knowledge about the site but I will read. Thank you. Keep it up. :)

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