How has war affected your life?

WAR – is it good / bad / needed / not needed? I don’t know.

But one thing I do know is that if my country is at war, it is for ME. It is for the safety and freedom of me and my countrymen that we are at war.

Now, the least I can do when my country goes to war is be INTERESTED! Yes. I should know what the war is about, why we need to be at war and why peace negotiations failed. After all, millions of people from my and other countries will die, and one must not forget – it is all for ME.

If the war does bring about the change we wanted, I should be thankful and raise a toast. Cheers!

But what if it doesn’t? This is where things start going wrong.

If the war fails to do what it was meant to do, I am not directly affected. This does not make any sense. So the government officials spent hours at working out the details for me, millions of soldiers from my country died, millions of soldiers from other countries died and my life continues almost unaffected? Again, this does not make any sense.

What if there was a law that forced citizens of “countries at war” to give away 50% of their salaries to the families of soldiers (for as long as the war lasted)? Would I still be unaffected? Would I still be OK with my vacation money taken away? We do pay taxes, but they just don’t cut it. I speak of an action that has a direct consequence – War is on – action starts, war stops – action stops. It is immediate and it is direct.

Everyone should be affected when a country is at war, not necessarily in the same way, but definitely is some way. Not only is this fair to the millions of people who lose their lives, but it also demands more from a government that makes the decision. Because, if and when that decision goes wrong, they will have not a handful but the entire nation questioning them.


7 thoughts on “How has war affected your life?

  1. I dont know about others but it deffinatly affects the soldiers life and family.
    So million times must be thought whoever takes war decision .
    And what a sad thing to have a war for any country .
    I dont like .
    you loose wheather one wins or looses in war .:(

  2. A very interesting point about general accountability. Would make most people think again and say ‘no’ to war. But some greedy and corrupt governments might find it very profitable to have a war-a-day!

  3. It is very interesting from accountability pov…either side…inflicting or receiving. If I am at the receiving end then in all probabilities, I will have no choice but to support the war. If I am at the other end, support/no-support question magnifies million times.
    Is my country waging war because we are hitting the natural resource threshold? Would I prefer to watch my countrymen fight internally for resources and die? Or is it a pure business of arms for my country? I dont know..its hard to tell. Every side will justify their story. And every solider and human rights activist on either side ll do the same. Wat side ll i be on? I think it ll be highly situational. If my country is inflicting the war, then most probably I will be one of the activists with placard in hand, otherwise I might become part of troops.

  4. @Santosh, very interesting point indeed – “on which side are you”.. I guess its just that when you are on the side of the country waging the war, you being the citizen of the stronger nation are not affected so much so as to bother yourself with its details :-/ I guess its just one of those “that is how life is” things one has to deal with…

  5. Santosh presents an interesting side about a nation that “thinks” war is being inflicted about them.. But as he mentions its never clear who started it and whats the reason. But I dont think that should be confused with the main point of this blog which is keep the people vested in the war.

    Modern wars are fought thousand miles away from country’s homeland. It is quite easy to forget that the country is at war. In the olden days if a country was a war people immediately felt the pain of the war in the form of rising prices, etc. It is quite possible that a country is at war and is actually prospering. US economy was actually booming between 2003 – 2007. This is because today’s economies are extremely interlinked and its hard to feel the pain. But any way the bottom line is keep people interested and this is a very interesting way to make it happen. Absolutely love the idea.

    The blocker for this could be inflexible tax structure. If the tax structure is inflexible, which is true in most of the economies, it would be very hard to implement this solution.

    Cheers! Great thought though.. :)

  6. @Praful, your point on “Modern” war hits the nail on its head. The problem with “modern” war is that no one is immediately affected. Now one should not assume they will never be affected, a war is a war after all, but the after effects are too late and scattered for the common man to even realize they are are the doings of a war.

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