Still Life: My friend’s dinner

My ex-roommate took a lovely picture which I have tried to draw in Corel Photo-Paint.

Thanks Achala for taking the photograph :)
You can check her original post here.

Still life in Corel Photo Paint

8 thoughts on “Still Life: My friend’s dinner

  1. Oh my gosh !!

    I do not believe this…….am happy, vry happy indeed.
    I feel like riding on a white-winged horse; my wishes coming live :)

    Hey, thank you so much for this lovely drawing. The drawing is perfectly done with the yellows and reds, all appearing lovely…….LOVED them :)
    :) :)
    U rock sweety !

  2. ———
    Whn i clicked this photo, i never dreamt it would take me to popular places (read ur blog) :D
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Ur drawings are wonderful as you……… :)

    N’ you really astonished me today !
    Thanks for the bonbon surprise….. :)

    ~~~ :)!

  3. Hey,

    I recently made a book-mark with “tatting patterns – red, green, pink n blue rings”; pasted on a white paper……

    have posted it on my blog and wanted ya to see it…

    So, came in here to drop an invitation…..
    ………..and WHOLaaaa !!

    I got INVITED myself to……..
    …… such wonderful postings :D
    :) :)

    Keep on writing; b’coz i love reading them !
    n as i alwayzzz say; ur style of writing is AWEsOMe !

    ~~ :)

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