My iPod crashed after iOS 4 iPhone update !

Today the iPod app on my iPhone 3GS crashed along with my belief that Apple was invincible.

When my friend Biswa told me about the new OS release I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. All seemed well before I developed the urge to listen to KT Tunstall! No sooner had the album downloaded, iPod started acting up. The iPod app refused to stay alive for more than 5 seconds. Playing a track either caused iPod to shut down abruptly or hang the application. Being an Apple fan, I was sure this was only a minor glitch and an iPhone restart was sure to solve the problem. It didn’t. And neither did the three re-starts that followed.

I finally Googled the Apple Support pages to find that I was not alone. Someone out there had fixed the problem by doing a re-sync. This did the trick for me too! Phew! I can only hope the bug doesn’t pop up each time I download a new track!

Problem: iOS 4 update on iPhone 3GS causes iPod to crash after you download a new track via iTunes.
Solution: Re-sync your Music library.

Makes me wonder, is there such a thing as software without bugs?


9 thoughts on “My iPod crashed after iOS 4 iPhone update !

  1. Shame on Apple!

    That’s really not what I would have expected. It is a typical ‘Microsoft’ bug.

    This really defeats the purpose of paying premium on Apple products.

    I am also a bit happy at the same time. It helps to tame their arrogance.


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  3. Looks like a school boy error coming from the ‘techie-moguls’. I downloaded it as well but hasn’t crashed yet . Did you hear that iPhone4 has reported signal reception issues? What has gotten into them?

  4. Hey whilst talking about this.. I found a bug on this comment tool. I used angle brackets and wrote ‘Silently praying ;)’ and it completely ate up those words may be it was possibly reading that as a HTML tag :)

  5. @Kani, I didn’t know about the signal reception. That is really a shame! Today I walked past the Apple store on Regent street and boy was there a queue or what! The numbers were amazing.. looks like all the bugs aren’t gonna stop anyone from buying the new iPhone 4 ;-)

    About the “comment bug”, I think you’re right – also, WordPress does not allow any so called “executable” code, i.e. if I write a post, I am not allowed to include any javascript for instance in it. Any text that WordPress finds objectionable is stripped out. (But I am going to try to figure out why simple angle brackets are forbidden!)

  6. @Robert, Thats a shame. I guess your last resort would be to restore to the previous version and try updating again.

    You can check the support link here for a discussion =>

    A user named soulkioko transferred the new purchases to his computer, then deleted them from this iPhone. His iPhone started working. He then re-transfer the songs back to his iPhone. May be you can try this!

    Hope you can fix this soon! Not having the iPod work is quite frustrating :-/

  7. What bugs me about apple, is the problems are never really solved and all caused by the user. When I updated my phone I wish I had known. Apps crash, take forever to load, forget getting mail…. Essentially it is just a crap phone now.
    It is so funny to me how apple people and apple alway bash MS.. humm… seems like the pot is now calling the kettle. I will never have another iphone again.
    Don’t getting me going on their labor and environmentally records…. Oh to be cool.

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