My blue-haired girl

It started out as an attempt to learn to draw the “ear”. After five minutes of technicalities, the child in me took over and I was scribbling in color! Though it does look like a half decent “ear”, doesn’t it? Of course, it seems like the ear has been pasted on the poor lady, with no consideration to angle. But hey, all my figures are a bit defective! Who can forget the girl with the box chest ;-)

Blue haired girl sketch


8 thoughts on “My blue-haired girl

  1. I really like the shut eyes. Lovely eye lids. They actually tell me that the person is thinking and not sleeping. Awesome! I like the flicks. :)

    nice lovely vibrant colors. The ear indeed looks real apart from the small technicality. Good quote.

  2. Lovely ! really wonderful !every part is thoughtfully done even background .
    one can imagine and see the world with closed eyes .
    Museum piece!

  3. hahahaha i reely likie your text matter on top.. funny hahaha her ear..
    nice but..:) nice thought too..

  4. i loved the “blue-haired girl”…
    its beautifully done; the hair, the eyes, the ears with earrings n of course the half face…..

    magnificent ! ~~~ :)

    “I OpeNed my eyes to SEE the beauty entrapped in there…!”

    great work !!

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