Movie Review: My Name Is Khan (and I am Superman)

Trust Karan Johar to take a social issue and turn it into a wishful fairytale. What started out as a film portraying the unfavorable bias faced by the Muslim’s post 9/11, in actuality turns into one man’s super heroic effort to save the world.

Welcome Rizwan Khan (almighty Shah Rukh Khan) who …
prevails from a middle class family in Mumbai AND moves to America
suffers from the Asperger’s syndrome AND is very intelligent
is on his way to meet the President of the United States AND also stops by to save a drowning city
gets broke on his trip AND donates money to charities in South Africa
proclaims “My Name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist” AND doesn’t forget to report terrorist organizations to the FBI
survives a fatal stabbing AND unites with his lover (Kajol) AND ‘Lives Happily Ever After’!

Now, had Rizwan turned into God, the film could have had a realistic turn. That didn’t happen.

Seemed like Karan Johar used the issue only to rake in the moolah and felt no real sympathy or empathy with the people at stake here.

If at all we are to learn anything it would have to be from the other KHAN (Aamir).


8 thoughts on “Movie Review: My Name Is Khan (and I am Superman)

  1. I agree with you. The message seems to be confused/lost in the process. The flood incident and stabbing in the end was ridiculous. Its way too unrealistic. But I think I would give some credit to SRK for starting his acting career. So what if the movie did not make a lot of sense.. ;)

  2. Good review…

    Priyadarshan coming up with a new Movie… “My name is Khandekar” on People suferring from alzheimers disease.
    By the time the move ends His name turns out to be Dandekar

  3. Ha! I knew it when excited people exited the theatres screaming ‘fantastic!’ ‘great!’ The film’s I.Q. had to be around ‘moron’ level. If the hero has Asperger’s why shouldn’t the rest of the team have Alzheimer’s?

  4. i saw the movie. survived..
    sounds like, not the social issue but SRK being stopped and questioned for an hour during his independence day visit to chicago provoked making of this movie. And that’s why movie is around SRK (aka superman). So may be my name is SRK would have been a better title :)

  5. I havent seen it . So much noise, will see later on.
    Now a days diseases are dragged in to make movies different. Too many such movies…soon it will be boring .

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