Google Buzz – buzzing past the Wave

Snapshot - Buzz Map on iPhone

Snapshot - Buzz Map on iPhone

The phrase “buzz me” might take on a literal meaning starting today, after Google made available Google Buzz, yet another social networking application!

Buzz is a lot like twitter, except that it integrates itself with Gmail, which makes it a huge favorite with me. Visiting only to tweet was not something I remembered to do. Buzz however, is right there, in Gmail, a site I am perennially logged into while online.

While Buzz on Gmail is useful, Buzz on mobile is what makes it fun! It automatically assigns locations to your buzzes. Most entertaining is the “Nearby” feature and the Buzz map, with little buzzes floating around my locality. It’s amusing to see what people around you are buzzing!

I have so far failed to understand the purpose of the Buzz application that installs itself on my iPhone. All it seems to do it load Buzz in Safari. Anyone? Also, there seems to be a bug in the Buzz Map as I am unable to move back and forth Buzzes with the arrows provided besides the active Buzz.

Buzz is a breadth of fresh air after the much hyped Google Wave. I am yet to understand why Google Wave invites were distributed as precious gold. I remember begging for one, and eventually getting one, only to find out none of my friends had one and ultimately leaving me with no one to Wave to!

Buzz is buzzing away at the moment.. lets see how long the buzz lasts :)


4 thoughts on “Google Buzz – buzzing past the Wave

  1. i wonder why google released this features,whats goin on with google wave? google wave is a social network as well isnt? they had a problem with first-thing -first idea

    • What I liked most about Wave was the 1hr+ developer preview video and it kinda went down from there. Indefinite wait for invites (Oh the privileged ones!), too few people in my network to communicate with and finally the lack of some really fun and useful pre-developed gadgets to get me hooked on. Wave is a flop so far, but it did seem to show a lot of potential.

  2. I really think this is going to be mainstream unlike twitter which was popular with the geeks and that too a very small subset of geeks – the computer geeks. I wish they introduce some grouping of buzzes by, lets say family, work, friends, etc fairly soon. @Preeti – do you know if there is something like this already?
    Thanks for enlightening me on the new upcoming technology :) Keep it coming.

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