To be, or not to be … Microsoft Certified !


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With the little experience I have had with interviewing candidates I’ve always found the Microsoft “Certified” onces appalling. Its true. Blame it on coincidence. Nevertheless, it has always been at the back of my mind to give one, especially since they were sponsored by my company. It couldn’t hurt, could it? But it sadly never happened for reasons I do understand!

I never really had the time. I worked Mon-Fri and if I ever was to do some technical stuff over the weekend it would surely have to be something exciting. The vast library of classes in an outdated version of .NET was definitely not going to top my list.

I am a lazy person.

But things change, and I do have a lot of time on my hands lately and so I decided that the time had come to be MS Certified! I visited the MS learning site for Exam 70-536, my first. It was a rude shock followed by disappointment. The overview section for the exam states, I quote, “If you are a .NET 2.0 developer, you do not need to learn .NET 3.5 to pass Exam 70-536; conversely, if you are a .NET 3.5 developer, you do not need to review .NET 2.0 to pass the exam”

It been a while since .NET 3.5 has been out and it has some very interesting features which I would like to learn about. In fact it is the ONLY thing I actually care learning about. It is a real shame that 2 years after .NET 3.5 has been released Microsoft hasn’t found it necessary to update its exams.

Yet again, I’m stupefied by MS Certifications.


One thought on “To be, or not to be … Microsoft Certified !

  1. I think one should not get a certification to embellish the resume. I think it should be used as a reason to explore the framework and understand the design intricacies which you otherwise would not do. I think C sharp is quite an advanced ‘general purpose’ programming language. Good luck! :)

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