Microsoft Windows Live Update – Install or Die

I am not a ‘blame Microsoft for everything thats wrong in the world’ kind of person. Yet.

Today, on signing into Windows Live Messenger I was informed that there was a newer version available and I must install it in order to continue. ‘Must’, you say? Oh wait, I get it, will this update enable the system to read my mind and magically type my messages? No? So then did my dad marry Microsoft and is it now my mother? No? Then why MUST I update it NOW?

If all I want to do is send a few ASCII messages or if I am in a hurry or if I simply don’t have the bandwidth to spare I would like the option of not installing that update or at the very least installing it at a later point in time. Why MS would think otherwise is beyond me.


7 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows Live Update – Install or Die

  1. Or better yet to linux … no point in moving from one evil empire to the next :). Welcome to freedom. Linux loves you already.

  2. Success gives one a swollen head and words like ‘may’ metamorphose into ‘must’. Power corrupts, you know, and absolute power corrupts words absolutely.

  3. @Amit – I have been using a mac for the last 2 years and I have never really felt constrained in any way. Except for the fact that my IDE keys are different on the mac versus a windows machine. But other than it, it just plain, simple and beautiful. Yes I did pay a hefty price for it but I guess simplicity comes at a price. :) The Unix underpinnings make me feel secure as a computer engineer. I think Apple’s sweet spot is mobile devices which dont warrant a lot of user freedom but have to be designed for usability with absolute perfection. Anyway coming back to Unix/Linux, I think they are unusable for me. I tried using them on a virtual box but then I gave up on Ubuntu. Alrite, I am not geeky enough. But I am sure there will be a day when Linux boxes will be just as commonplace as windows boxes. Somebody needs to champion their case and not have the user pick between the million *nix flavors. Keep up the fight! :)

  4. @Praful: Not constrained in anyway you say … but then neither were all the folks in the matrix :) …

    Jokes apart … Am all for freedom, libre … And right now its Linux that truly liberates :). I hate to be herded :P.

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