Rasgulla !

I love the London tube, but I hate taking it. It makes me giddy. More than 20 minutes and I’m questioning the purpose of my travel. In most likelihood, taking the tube would mean going “somewhere” to buy “something”. And today that something was “kadi patta” (curry leaves). It is apparently the only thing I cannot find at my local grocery store!

So I’m off to Wembley, the “Indian” area and after two tube changes and an hour behind us, I’m finally there. Kadi Patta soon translates to masalas, methi, more masalas, random snacks and 5 kilos of “India” onions. It is amazing, but nostalgia is high when you see vegetables with mud all over their roots. You have to buy such stuff!

Each time I visit an Indian area, I have a strong desire to eat Rasmalai! This day however I was unable to find any. As I backpacked my way back with the 5 kilos of onions, giddy in the tube, I decided I would have to make them myself. I couldn’t possibly visit this place anytime soon!

Wonders of wonder I actually went ahead and made it! Well, minus the malai part. Apparently the first part to making the rasmalai is to make the rasgulla! And what a miracle, they turned out fantastic the first time around. I hate to boast but they were lovely! Of course all credit goes to a lovely lady named Manjula and her recipe that I found on You Tube (you guessed it right!)

I would have loved to share them with you, but for now all I can share is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acROvuObr-Q :)

Bon app!


8 thoughts on “Rasgulla !

  1. Hey,
    This Manjula lady is indeed good. I remember making besan laddu following her on You tube. Man! those laddus melted in our mouth :).
    Rasgulla or laddu or tikka masala…you can dish out her recipes on you tube. Looks like her sweet husband shoots the home video. I find her instructions really sweet…kinds reminds me of my grandmother :)
    Happy cooking!

    • Yeah, I think her husband shoots the videos too. It is so sweet, isn’t it? She is rather popular I must say, some of her items have 100s of responses.. ! I shall try out the besan laddu!

  2. Wonderful and clear information about making the rasmalai to make the rasgulla!It’s turned out fantastic and miraculous for the first time around.This credit goes to a lovely lady named Manjula and her recipe Would now found on You Tube.

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