Paint While You Wait !

As I waited for a friend at the Finsbury Park tube station I wondered how I could pass my time. I seemed to recall a lady in an article I had read recently, who mentioned how she now loved waiting! Why? Well she said that ever since she had got her hands on the new iPhone Brushes application, she simply took it out and painted! Waiting was never this fun! Besides BBC too has featured this application, as it had got really famous after a chap painted the cover of The New Yorker using it!

At $ 4.99 something I decided I must give it a try. And here it is. My first ‘Paint While You Wait’ attempt!
I can see myself falling in love with this application. It is really easy to use, and all the blending allows you to create pretty looking pictures with no artistic skills whatsoever!


6 thoughts on “Paint While You Wait !

  1. Wow! Amazing..I Love the Painiting! Being an Embedded System Engineer I am seriouly amazed by the Technology Apple has come up with. Really Feels good to see how people connect themselves to the technology and how it brings out one's creativity. Your painting is really Beautiful :)Take care, keep smiling and Keep painting :)

  2. Hey thanks Jayesh ! The technology is really amazing.. You should check out some "real" stuff done by some original artists using the software. They are mind blowing !

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